About us


From Dubstep to Debussy. There is no style of music we can not work with. Classically trained, band and touring experience, studio experience with cutting edge technology, but above all….a musical ear, able to tailor all music and sound to what is needed.


The Pels Syndicate Music & Sound Design has worldwide composed music for hundreds of commercials, tv tunes and idents, audio logo's and brandings, music libraries, tracks for award winning children's CD's, numerous documentaries and films, fashion shows, laser shows and many other events covering all kinds of musical styles. Also many artists had their songs recorded and produced at The Pels Syndicate. A selection can be found on the Media and Commercial pages.


If we don't work for you, we work for ourselves.  Check out the 'DJ Cattail' and 'The Pels Syndicate' pages for the latest releases !





New EP, ‘Life Cycle’ contains remastered versions of the first 3 Pels Syndicate albums bookended with three new tracks and the ‘Life Cycle’ suite. More details to follow. release date 29th July 2016.

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